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Mawanda Moon Aini
Junior Champion of Hungary
Champion of Hungary
Champion of Serbia
Grand Champion of Serbia
Champion of Romania
Grand Champion of Romania
Candidate of Inter Champion of Beauty

2015 Hungarian Junior Champion


In Junior class she had the 3 JCAC from 4 dogshows and also had BOS result at Budapest Grand Prix '15 one step behind to a vWW BOB.


2016 Hungarian Champion


The most important title for us. The way of  earn this titel is long enough and full of international opponents to show the quality of a dog. 4Cac and 1Cacib results out of 5 dogshows.

2015-2016         Serbian and Romanian Grand Champion


Her first adult Ch titles, 4xBOB, 3xCacib, rCacib, rCac and 6Cac results out of 10dogshows .


Candidate for         Inter Champion


She had 4Cacib and 3rCacib out of 7 dogshows in three different countries. Waiting for one year to pass.